Even if you can’t get rid of faxes, you can get rid of your fax machine!

get_started_with_a_free_trialBy removing paper from the process, HelloFax has removed your need to own a fax machine. With HelloFax, everyone in your company can conveniently send and receive faxes online. There’s no more time spent waiting by a fax machine for a fax to arrive or for confirmation that it was sent. Instead, incoming faxes go directly to the recipient’s in-box and outgoing faxes are sent online, all from your computer. No fax machine needed!

Best of all, there’s nothing someone sending you a fax needs to do differently! Your customers can still send faxes to the same number the same way they always have been. You can transfer your number to us and start receiving faxes electronically without any downtime or risk of losing any faxes.


  • No additional telephone line to lease
  • No physical and bulky fax machine
  • Not limited to your office
  • Most international Faxes are the same US/Canada per page cost
  • Allows you to send professional correspondence instead of sending a regular mailed letter

Easy. Reliable. Online faxing – Send & receive faxes from anywhere.


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